3 Trendy Jewelry Pieces Worth the Splurge


This year, New York Fashion Week was alight with shimmering gems. From over the top dresses to stunning footwear, the runways were filled with glamorous new trends. However, the models’ jewelry stole the show. Colorful bracelets and remarkable necklaces were the true stars of New York Fashion Week. As designers and department stores prepare to launch spring collections, it’s time to prepare for spring accessories as well. Not all runway ensembles are worth the splurge, but the three pieces below are most definitely worth it. When splurging on jewelry, it’s important to choose pieces that are edgy yet still wearable, and trendy yet classic. The following items most certainly fit the bill.

1)Asymmetrical Earrings

The Fashion Week runway was brimming with spectacular earrings and the thing they all had in common was unexpected: asymmetry. For earrings, the latest trend is misaligned ear wear. From earrings that were literally different colors to designs that were dissimilar shapes, asymmetrical earrings will be making a huge splash this spring. In order to enjoy the trend and still buy jewelry that is classic, opt for earrings that incorporate elements

A Jewelry Lover’s Dream


If you haven’t started watching The Mindy Project yet, you should –and not just because of the hilarious storylines. The jewelry in this show is fun, sexy, and appeals to the inner fashionista in all of us. Mindy Kaling’s caricature of the average American woman is both hilarious and inspiring, and she manages to be both tragic and heroic while wearing some fantastic designer jewelry pieces. There are several characters beside Mindy Lahiri (played by Mindy Kaling) that serve as jewelry fashion emblems.

Mindy Lahiri is a more practical version of Carrie Bradshaw. She wears designer jewelry that you yourself might be hesitant to wear, but that’s not so outlandish you wouldn’t believe you might run into somebody wearing it in your daily life. Large colored gemstones are a favorite for Dr. Lahiri. The range in ring designs varies from the New York sophisticate wearing a platinum band, princess cut yellow gemstone to the average gal out on the town while sporting over-sized dangling heart earrings.

Ladies preferring something a little more reserved can look to Mindy’s receptionist Betsy, played by Zoe Jarman. Betsy’s wholesome Midwestern style is perfect for those looking for a

3 Classic Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Own


When it comes to jewelry, the possibilities are endless. Jewelry gurus often tout seasonal trends as the ultimate source for jewelry inspiration, but what about the classics? Here are three timeless jewelry pieces every woman should own. Season after season and year after year, these gorgeous items will stand the test of time.

1) Pearls

Not only are pearls gorgeous statement pieces, but they also present endless possibilities. Ranging from classic pearl stud earrings that provide a touch of sophistication, to unique designs that incorporate subtle color and flair, pearls are easily tailored to fit every style. Pearl necklaces, earrings and bracelets add a hint of elegance to every outfit. They are fabulous paired with more pearls, but also look effortlessly chic when paired with colored gemstones, diamonds or even the latest jewelry trend. For more pearl inspiration, check out Huffington Post’s recent round-up of “How Stars Wear Pearls.”

2) Diamonds

The old adage is classic for a reason; diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend. From sparkling engagement rings to studded earrings, diamonds have proven their longevity. The key to mastering this sparkling gem is quality